Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thoroughly Thankful Thursday: 40 Bags Challenge

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you're all celebrating St. Valentine in style with the ones you love. We're delaying our celebration (we work for almost 14 hours straight between the two of us), but I'm looking forward to Emily and Erin's first Valentine's Day all the same!

In case you missed it, I've decided to spend Lent filling bags. With this in mind, today I'm thankful for the abundance we've been blessed with. Sometimes, when we're thinking about a new car or a new house, or even something smaller like a new pair of jeans, it's hard to remember all of the things we already do have.
Here's the list of places I'll be decluttering (our house is small, so several places show up more than once because I know there's more than one bag's worth in there). If you'd like to join in, let me know! I didn't come up with this idea on my own, so here's the link to the original post with the idea (her blog is super cute!)

As always, this is a linkup, so tell us what you're thankful for! Link your post below or share in the comments!



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