Thursday, February 28, 2013

7 Quick Takes, Volume 34: Goodbye, Pope Benedict...

--- 1 ---
Watching Pope Benedict's final blessing today was an incredibly moving experience. I always feel a little strange watching something like that on TV - it usually feels like you have to be there - but this was different. It was incredibly moving to hear him speak, to think how it must feel to know that he was doing this for the last time. We all must try to discern God's will at various times in our lives, but to do that at the level and visibility of the papacy is an overwhelming responsibility. My heart is heavy today as I think about how this man led us, how he kept the faith and tradition while reaching out to the people - even using Twitter to keep in touch. I pray that he may know peace in his retirement, as well as for the conclave as they choose a new Pope.
--- 2 ---
I'm going in for some more x-rays tomorrow morning. I've been having back pain and numbness in my neck and arm for a while now, and I had back x-rays a few weeks ago that didn't show anything wrong. I went to start physical therapy earlier this week and the degree of numbness in my arm worried the therapist, so she asked me to go back for more tests before I do anything. I'm hoping it's all muscular, but I'm starting to wonder at this point! I'm having trouble thinking about anything else, though, so I figured I'd share with all of you.
--- 3 ---
Emily has spent a lot of time standing up on her hands and feet lately, sort of a cross between downward dog and the plank. I don't know if she's just having fun with a new skill or if she's thinking life would be more interesting on twos instead of fours? Our pediatrician had told us not to get a walker or exersaucer because it would hinder their development, but I am starting to wonder. I don't see how babies develop leg strength without ever practicing standing! But hey, they're the doctors, not me.
--- 4 ---
Erin went down for what I figured was a nap earlier this week and ended up sleeping for 14 hours! I was amazed. Freaked out, but amazed. I went to bed early, though I checked on her a couple of times to make sure she was ok. I fully expected that she'd wake up around 4 am (she fell asleep at 4:30 pm, I put her down about 10 minutes later) but she slept until 6:20 am! Don't get the idea that it's a regular occurrence, but I was pretty excited. Unfortunately, my sore back keeps me from sleeping super well, but I can still appreciate the luxury of uninterrupted sleep. I know it's great for the babies as well.
--- 5 ---
Erin's favorite trick right now is pulling books off the bookshelf. Other than emptying the shelf, I'm not sure what to do about that. She especially loves our big Good Eats books (the Food Network show in book form) and they are so huge, I'm afraid she'll get smushed! But she is undeterred by their size and goes back over and over again. The recliner does a nice job of blocking the shelf for the time being - and maybe in a few months the bottom shelf won't be so appealing?
--- 6 ---
Speaking of bookshelves, have any of you out there in blog land ever styled one? I've read various articles about how to organize the books by color and size and add decorative objects - and I'm kind of at a loss. Ours is floor to ceiling, matches the wall (it looks like it's built in) and is something of a jumble of books of all shapes and sizes. I'll take any suggestions, links, advice, experience, whatever you've got!
--- 7 ---
I'll leave you today with Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI's final tweet, a truly beautiful sentiment: "Thank you for your love and support. May you always experience the joy that comes from putting Christ at the centre of your lives".

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  1. Is your bookshelf anchored to the wall? Just the paranoid side of me coming out :). I did have my books organized by color once (which is also how I organize my clothes), but I moved twice since then and they are mixed up everywhere. I might have to do it again!

    I hope you get some answers about your back and arm soon!

  2. I hope your back is ok! my babies did the downward dog thing too - so cute!