Saturday, May 10, 2014

When Mother's Day is about what you can't do

My first Mother's Day holding Erin (L) and Emily.
I've been sick for the past ten days. Other than the weeks I spent recovering from my C-section and the concussion, this is the sickest I've been since I became a mother. I've almost completely lost my voice at this point - ironic, since I'm actually starting to feel better! - and I've been at the mercy of all the help family and friends could offer this week. It's taken all my energy to go to work each morning, and chores have been pretty much out of the question. Thankfully, the girls have been sick too, so they have been just fine with lots of Netflix and minimal mess-making for the most part.
Except for this mess - Emily and Erin delight in emptying this bookshelf several times a day. 

I got to thinking this morning about how Mother's Day seems to be about all that moms can do - all the sacrifices necessary for raising your children, all the meals cooked and laundry wash-dry-folded, the long nights, the stories read and tears wiped and squabbles refereed. But what about when moms can't? We get sick, too. Does that make us any less as mothers? Do we measure up solely by the number of things checked off a giant, universal to-do list of parenting?

I've gotten my answer to this question this week. Regardless of how active I am, how much I'm coughing, or the fact that my voice is a hoarse shadow of its former self - my girls still love me. They still snuggle with Mommy and want to show me what they're doing. They still want hugs and kisses. They don't seem to mind that they've eaten mini bagels, cheese, bananas and baby food for almost every meal this week.

The help I've had has been nothing short of miraculous, from my mother coming over and watching the girls on an hour's notice so I could go to the doctor one afternoon to my in-laws taking the girls for Friday evening so I could rest. Laundry and chores got done by people other than me. When my husband finally had a day off this week, he let me sleep all afternoon and rest on the couch in the evening while he made frozen pizza for dinner and gave Emily and Erin a bath. It was wonderful to know that things were being taken care of, and that my girls still loved me, just for being Mommy.

So to all you mothers out there, no matter what your state of motherhood - know that you measure up. Know that you are enough. Know that you matter, simply because you love your children. You may not have ever held them. You may not have birthed them. You may not ever get to do either of those things. You may never know the fearful, wonderful days of parenting a newborn. But whether you are a physical, spiritual, or adoptive mother doesn't matter. Loving the children in your life makes you a mother. Happy Mother's Day, and may God bless you and your children always.
Me at around 1 1/2, at the beach with my mom.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

What I Wore Sunday

I got the inspiration for this one from Jill Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting fame. She was wearing something similar in her recent engagement photos. I had some trouble getting the belt to stay put, as you can probably tell in the picture, but this was the only shot where I wasn't being photo bombed by a pajama clad toddler.

Poor sick Erin. She's miserable. She has a cold, I think, but she's been sick for 4 days and is developing kind of a nasty sounding cough so we'll probably be off to the pediatrician tomorrow if she doesn't sound better. It's so hard to tell when they're too little to describe their symptoms!

We all were home last Sunday, but Emily and I were able to go to Mass this morning. She was very well behaved-a bit chatty, but we stayed in the sanctuary and even the pew  the whole time!! Dan still has a pretty bad cough and thinks he might have a sinus infection, so he stayed home with Erin so they could both rest. Healing prayers would be greatly appreciated! Between the girls having Fifth Disease and Dan and I getting sick, it's been a long several weeks. I know others have it so much worse, and I'm doing my best to offer up our trials for those who must deal with chronic and more severe illness.

We had some glorious weather this week- it was actually 92 on Thursday- but it's back to the rain we need now. I love these boots for spring weather when you can always figure on rain or wet grass at least. I never imagined quite how useful cowboy boots would be, but there you go!

Have a blessed Sunday, all!

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