Sunday, February 9, 2014

What I Wore Sunday: Pre-Valentine's Edition

Hi there! We're getting all dressed up in Valentine's colors today. It's really icy and snowy here, so "dressed up" is kind of on the casual side today. I felt inspired to mix my favorite pale pink shirt (from Old Navy) with a red and pink scarf (Old Navy) and a new-to-me denim jacket (Gap via Ebay). I rounded it out with navy pants from American Eagle (clearance!) and my black Danskos (thrifted).
Sneak peek at my outfit - I'll get a better picture up soon!
Though they typically wear a lot of pink, I chose extra Valentines-y outfits for Emily and Erin too. Dan declined to participate in the wearing of the pink - not that he actually has anything pink or even plain red, come to think of it!
Erin's outfit, minus her boots (they match Emily's)

Emily's outfit, complete with boots
The ice has been really picturesque, although a little scary at the same time. After at least 9 inches of snow Thursday and Friday, we got 15 hours straight of freezing rain. While it warmed up enough yesterday that the ice stopped accumulating, it wasn't warm enough to really melt much. The afternoon was punctuated by the gunshot-like sound of snapping branches. So far, we've still got power, but many of our friends haven't been so lucky. Our drive to Mass was just fine once we made it out of our neighborhood. Our street is a mess - ruts of packed snow and ice, and people walking straight down the middle of the road because obviously the sidewalks are to be strictly avoided in a snowstorm. The main roads are mostly clear of snow, though there are downed trees and limbs everywhere and drifts of snow against the parked cars on the curbs so it's pretty narrow, slow going.

Once we got to the church, it was clear most people hadn't attempted the drive, which was something of a relief as the parking lot was just as bad as our street had been. Fewer cars meant it was easy to find a parking place and easy to get out of our spot afterwards. The girls were reasonably well behaved - Dan's working on a whisper voice for Erin - and Emily actually let me wear her in the Ergo for all of Mass, though she's gotten so tall it's hard to sit with her in it. At almost 20 months of nearly constant use, I think it's the most essential thing for any parent to have besides diapers, crib, and carseat!
An ice-covered branch in front of our house yesterday.

Midday yesterday. At least ten more branches fell overnight.
As a kid, I always wished we got more winter weather, but now I think we're so blessed to live in an area where this is out of the ordinary. Snow and ice are gorgeous, but so treacherous at the same time. While Emily and Erin were pretty enthusiastic about playing in the snow, the freezing rain meant we really couldn't go outside yesterday, so hopefully we'll get a chance to play before it all melts. 

I hope all of you local folks are warm and safe, and that your power comes back soon if it's out! How many of you out there are enjoying the effects of this whopper snowstorm?


  1. I love Emily's outfit with boots! So cute! They both are adorable.

    1. Thank you! They had fun being all dressed up.