Sunday, May 19, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: Pentecost

Sweater - birthday present from my dad (Target)
Dress - St. Vincent de Paul (Xhilaration brand from Target)
Cami - Kirkland brand from Costco
Leggings - Target (girls' section)
Boots - present from my husband (Target)
Flower clip - Claire's, at least 5 years ago

I have been wanting to jump on the dress with leggings bandwagon for over a year now, and the only reason I hadn't is because I didn't own leggings. I just couldn't remember to buy them. Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I saw a display near the checkout at Target in the kids' section. I grabbed my size (yes, I have a kids' size, I'm that short), fist-pumped at the $6.99 price tag, and took them home. I figured if nothing else, they'd maybe be more durable than the softer grown-up sized ones. I have to say I'm hooked. I own at least five dresses that are just too short to wear without leggings, and now I can wear all of them! I know you're probably wondering why I buy things that I can't wear, and the answer is that I just meant to buy leggings to wear with them. Or in the case of two of them, I bought them online on clearance and didn't realize they were so short. Plus, my definition of "too short" has been refined now that I bend down all the time as a mom. Anyway, now that I am a legging lover, I can rock them all, even for Mass. My next purchase will be capri leggings, and maybe some of the denim-look ones. Thoughts? What are your favorites?

So I think the project this week will be quiet books. Emily and Erin have reached this semi-awkward age where they really want to be entertained if they're going to sit quietly anywhere. I don't imagine that I'll get them done in just a week, but I figure even one or two pages would help. Has anyone ever made a quiet book, or seen one for sale somewhere? I figured I'd try Etsy, but I'd love to make them myself. My desire to simply have them may win out in the end, however. We shall see. 

Mass behavior grades this week are a bit tricky, because I don't really think either girl misbehaved for their age. They are 11 months today, and sitting quietly just isn't in their repertoire yet. They'll get there. I'm not too worried. However, Erin cried at least half the time (and spent the end of Mass sitting outside with Daddy), and didn't want to have her bottle, didn't want to be rocked to sleep, didn't want anyone else to hold her. She is just on this side of walking, so her ideal scenario would be to hold the wall and walk along the edge, thumping loudly at intervals and shrieking with delight. It's not going to happen, but that doesn't mean she doesn't try! Emily sat in my lap and then in the Ergo, and snuggled like she was going to sleep but then didn't ever quite make it. We went to coffee and doughnuts afterwards, and both girls had some milk while we caught up with some old family friends. Erin even got to try some chocolate doughnut. She loved it. Emily had a bite of my maple bar, but she wasn't as enthusiastic about it. Overall, I think I'll give them both a B, since their behavior was not very quiet but was age-appropriate. 

The homily today was interesting, since the priest talked about how the Holy Spirit is the truly life-changing side of God. He said that when we pray for the intervention of the Holy Spirit, we are fools - fools for Jesus, that is. I hadn't ever really thought about it that way, but I suppose it's true. To pray for God to change our hearts and minds and lives to do His will is daring and foolish and the ultimate sign of faith. Pentecost is considered by many to be the birthday of the Church, so we could light 1,980 candles on a really big cake today - or just pray for the Holy Spirit to touch our minds and hearts and let God's will be done. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and a blessed Pentecost! Thanks to the lovely Kendra and Emily over at Fine Linen and Purple for hosting!


  1. We sang "Happy Birthday"... the kids got a kick out of that. I have not jumped on the legging thing yet, so no advice there, but I did just invest in a few maxi skirts that I am excited about!

  2. My boys are much older and they still can't sit still. I think it is in kids nature to explore and move. Good idea with the books. We have always found books helpful. The only issue we have with them is that my kids go through a stage when learning to talk that they point out everythng they know aloud and it makes for one noisy mass. Your outfit is adorable btw!