Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Five Favorites

1. LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Activity Table
I picked this up at our local baby/child thrift store a couple of weeks ago, and I absolutely love it. Well, more importantly, the wee ones love it. It has two settings, a colors/letters/shapes setting and a musical setting. It also has English and Spanish modes - perfect since I was hoping to teach Emily and Erin Spanish. Let me tell you, there is nothing cuter than seeing your 9 month old rocking out to the ABC song. Unless, of course, it's both your 9 month olds rocking out to the ABC song in Spanish (see picture below). We did end up putting the table on my yoga mat, to minimize skidding and tipping and make a semi-soft landing spot on our hardwood floors.

"La canciĆ³n de A, B, C..."
2. Jillian's Drawers (gently) used cloth diapers
So you're thinking about trying cloth diapers, but you're not sure they'll work out for you. Or you just don't know which kind will work best. Or you know you like cloth diapers, but you're bargain hunting. Either way, enter Jillian's Drawers. A friend recommended their (gently) used diapers to me, and so far I'm really impressed. The way it works is that they accept unstained returns within a certain period of time, and then resell those used diapers for a really good price. Most companies that sell cloth diapers won't take returns at all, so if you're not sure cloth will work, this can be a great way to go buying new diapers. You can also buy a few different types of used diapers and see which you like best.

We're currently trying cloth for the second time, and I was able to get ten used prefold diapers through their site and another seven (brand new!) from the baby/child thrift store. (A prefold is one of those diapers that's thicker and fluffier in the middle, meant to fold in thirds and be worn inside a waterproof cover.) Since we already had covers (see #4) this gives us a couple of days' worth of cloth diapers for a fraction of what you could pay normally. The shipping was really fast as well - and it was cross country, since they're based in New York and we live in Oregon.
A couple of our gently used prefolds. They aren't white, but they're unbleached cotton, so they're not supposed to be!
3. Amoxicillin
Ok, so it's old news. But it's been the week of sick at our house, and after five days of two miserable, snotty, feverish baby girls who were bumping their heads on everything, we discovered that they both had ear infections. Enter amoxicillin. Granted, it's pink and sticky (I don't know this because I wiped it up off the floor multiple times...) and doesn't smell like it would taste good, but it certainly did the trick. Within 24 hours, we had better balance all around, and a significant increase in the happy factor. I have to say that the albuterol inhaler Erin ended up needing ran a close second for this spot, but I figured we didn't need to dwell on sick too much. 

A few of our colorful diaper covers - the blue and yellow are velcro, the pink has snaps.

My adorable fluffy-bummed babies, rocking Kawaii covers.
All that's left at my house is the mini version, because my husband loves these so much! And because he loves them and they make him happy, of course I love them too. What's that? You've never had a Cadbury egg? (Really?) Well, get ye to the store and get some. They might be on sale because Easter, in the store's mind, is over. If they are, they'll probably be gone soon. So you should definitely do it today. The original are Dan's favorite, though the chocolate ones aren't bad. 

I'm linking up with Hallie (well, Jen, but it's Hallie's blog!) for Five Favorites! Head on over and check out what all the other ladies are loving this week, and don't forget to wish Hallie a very happy birthday while you're there!


  1. Cadbury Eggs are all at once so disgusting and the most awesome candy ever! If I think about them, I get grossed out. But if I just close my eyes and eat...oh mmmm!

    1. Yes! They are kind of like the oysters of Easter candy :)

  2. amoxicillin is our wonder drug. I don't know how we would get through winter without it. ear infections are the WORST! So glad everyone is on the mend.

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad they are feeling better. I can't imagine living before they had antibiotics!

  3. Amoxicillon is so much more fun to take as a kid. When I was little I used to WANT to get sick so I got the yummy "pink medicine" Now I just got gross pills :(

    1. Yeah, I think I prefer the pink one we got at urgent care to the white one we got at the pharmacy (two kids, two prescriptions) because the pink one smelled like bubble gum and the white one smells like Juicy Fruit gum. I did clean the pink one off the floor after I spilled it, so I could be biased - but I'd rather have pills as an adult for sure.