Sunday, January 13, 2013

What I Wore Sunday & Weekend Recap

I couldn't bring myself to break out of my jeans-wearing rut this Sunday. I had all these plans, but it's just been so cold! It was only 23 degrees when we headed out the door for 9 am Mass. We've had highs in the mid-thirties, which is way below normal for this part of Oregon. Sure, it's winter, but chilly days like this take some getting used to. Any tips for dressing up in super chilly weather?

Not the best picture ever, sorry!

Sweater: Old Navy
Cami: Aeropostale
Scarf: Old Navy
Jeans: Citizens (thrifted)
Clogs: Dansko 

Close up of scarf print. The pattern is actually little green and yellow owls!

Dan, with the help of some of his family, spent Saturday cleaning and organizing our garage while I was at work. I knew they were going to work on it, but I didn't expect to come home to a spotless garage! I think the car might actually even fit in there now. We have repurposed, recycled kitchen cabinets mounted on the walls and tons of storage space along the other wall. Best of all, they didn't actually have to get rid of much, so that means we're doing well on the not-accumulating-clutter front! Coming home to a clean garage and a clean house, with happy baby girls - what can I say? We have an awesome family!

We solved an ongoing dilemma last night, much to everyone's relief (I'll just go ahead and speak for Emily and Erin here too!). Both girls had been on a sleep strike since last weekend, when it first started to get chilly. They went from sleeping most of the night with only one or two wakeups at most to only sleeping about 6 hours, waking up constantly for comfort. They also stopped napping, probably because they weren't sleeping at night. After several days, we were all exhausted and very cranky!

The solution? Well, there is heat in our house, but only in the main living area. I think this is pretty common in older houses. Anyway, when it started to get down into the teens at night, we weren't sure what to do. While their room stays above 60 for sure, it's hard to put them to bed and leave the door open enough to let heat in without also letting in way too much noise and light. So Dan picked up a space heater yesterday. It was almost like magic - 9 hours of sleep for both girls, along with nice long naps in the car today. They seem much happier!

Our Sunday afternoon was spent driving to IKEA, which was a real treat! We live about 2 hours away, so we only go a few times a year. Emily and Erin had only been that far away from home twice, so it was a big deal trip for them - the biggest city they'd ever visited. Of course, since it was so chilly, we only got them out of the car for IKEA and for lunch at Red Robin. (Yes, I know IKEA has fabulous food, but we'll call it a compromise. There are few things Dan enjoys less than a trip to this favorite store of mine. Shh!)

I thought our last trip to IKEA was the most exhausting ever (I was 4 or 5 months pregnant) but this was much more so. Their carts are not designed to hold infant carriers, so we used the Ergo carriers. Walking that much and pushing a cart while wearing a baby is a good workout! I think we'll be heading back soon, because there were a lot of things we wanted to see but didn't get a chance to check out. It was really crowded and hard to walk over and look at things without being in someone's way!

We did get a new coffee table (ours had an unfortunate accident and really needed to be replaced) and a new work table for Dan's office. Together, they were only $45! They are still in boxes, but I will post pics when they are assembled. We also got a new can opener and some fun ice cube trays, shaped like fish and stars. I could spend hours in that store. I hope you all had a great weekend - I know we did!

Do you like IKEA? What's your favorite IKEA find?

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  1. Jeans? Excuses, excuses. I love excuses! I think you look wonderful and your jean rut is working for you :) And that scarf is so so cute!

    Ikea, eh? We just got a new TV stand there. We love it and Ellen loves it even more because now she can reach the tv and put her fingerprints alllllll over it. Joy.

    1. Thank you!! I really want to try dressing up a little more, but my resolve fails when it's crunch time and it's COLD. Also when most of my clothes are soaking wet in the washer - I left that part out of the post!

      Fingerprints on the TV? Ah, yes. Things to look forward to..but seriously, their TV stands are awesome! We have one of the Expedit ones that covers the whole wall and I love it. So do Emily and Erin. Luckily we have all the bottom shelves filled so they can't crawl in quite yet :)

  2. I love ikea!! I like wearing Jeans to mass too :)

    1. Yay for jeans! I will defend them proudly. They really can be dressy. Seeing as I'm writing this sitting on the couch in my pjs and a hoodie, I was really much more dressed up yesterday! And yes, IKEA is just one of the world's wonders!

  3. OWLS! I keep seeing all these fabulous blogs with owls on them and then your scarf... I have designated this baby's go-to animal an owl. It is settled. IKEA is the happiest place on earth. We has a 15 minute drive to ours, and there is just so much... we picked up some dishes there that we love, and I snagged a bookshelf for my daughter's room for 10 bucks. Now I am eyeing some trundle beds...

    1. Duck-colored owls! I was so excited! And a 15 minute drive?! I must confess I am a bit jealous. I'm also thankful - I'd be broke! Though they don't get too much new stuff from what I've seen, so it's not quite as alluring as Target. I could be wrong :) A 10 dollar bookshelf sounds right up our alley! Which one did you get?

  4. You have such cute scarves! I LOVE Ikea. We got our bed and dressers from there!!

    1. Thank you! I love scarves, so versatile - and really the only true kiddo-friendly accessory :)

      Which bed and dressers do you have? We have an Ikea dresser which I love, and I've thought about one of their bed frames. They look so nice and minimal!

  5. Cords are a good cold weather option or leggings instead of tights with high boots that is my winter weather trick. A clean garage what a gift, someday..... I love your scarf very cute.

  6. Newest follower from the GFC Blog Hop. Great outfit!

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