Monday, March 25, 2013

What I Wore Sunday: Palm Sunday Edition

Cardi: Target
Blouse: Ralph Lauren (thrifted)
Jeans: Citizens (thrifted)
Boots: Anne Klein
I'll keep this short, since it's taken me until Monday to get it written, but we had a pretty great Mass experience today. We went to the parish we'd attended most of our lives instead of the Newman Center today, and it was really crowded at 11am (probably due to the NCAA basketball game the night before...funny how that works). We got there a little late because we had to park a few blocks away. Loaded down with the diaper bag, Erin in the Ergo, and Emily in Dan's arms in a blanket, we found ourselves standing in a corner outside the sanctuary. After the first two readings, two girls politely offered us their seats on one of the pews for families with little kids, and we found ourselves sitting next to another young mom with a school age daughter and a son we found out to be just a month older than Emily and Erin. It was a really refreshing change from being one of only two or three couples with children at Mass on a weekly basis, and I felt like we had an easier time focusing because I didn't worry every time one of the girls started to talk - there was plenty of ambient baby noise around us! I've never felt shunned for bringing our babies to Mass wherever we've gone, but I've felt a little self-conscious for the amount of chattering they've done lately.

I got to use my Laudate app during Mass to follow along with the Gospel reading - I still can't believe it's free! The story of Christ's Passion always moves me, but trying to follow along from the very back with a baby girl trying desperately to climb out of the Ergo and go make friends with the little boy next to us meant I had to see the words to keep my focus. Of course, as soon as I got my phone out, Erin's attention shifted to the phone and how she could get her chubby fingers on it. "Ahd! Ahd!" (I'm pretty sure this is baby for "want! want!"). I had to sit on my phone before the end of the Gospel to keep her from throwing a full-on fit. I suppose that's my fault, though! Emily and Erin traded parents mid way through Mass, and Erin got to practice standing with Daddy while Emily played with my necklace. We had to hide our palm fronds from the girls, too, but it was worth it - we have some pretty little palm crosses now! Yesterday's lesson was, once again, that we should leave about 15 minutes earlier than it seems like we'd need to. Point taken. We'll be going to 7:30 am Easter Mass, so...we'll be getting up very early! Overall, I'd give Emily and Erin both an A- for Mass behavior, and a gold star to the girls who gave us their seats.

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