Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thoroughly Thankful Thursday, Week 2: Link Up!

Hey everybody! It's Thursday again, and you know what that means ... time to share what we're thankful for!

This week, I've been specifically pondering the idea of accepting imperfection, and being thankful to be able to do this. You're probably familiar, especially if you're a sports fan, with the idea of "paralysis by analysis". In a nutshell, this means overthinking your situation. You get so caught up in the idea of what you need to do that you can't "just do it" (and that makes Nike sad...)

This happens an awful lot outside of sports, however. I find myself daily putting off tasks or projects because the moment isn't right or it won't be perfectly done because I don't have enough time. I used to put off making dinner a couple of times a week just because of this idea, and we'd end up going out to eat. I frequently postpone putting the laundry away or really cleaning up the house, because I know I won't have enough time to do it as well as I'd like.

Well, news flash. Dan doesn't care if dinner's perfect. He'd prefer it had fewer vegetables and more main dish (nice try, honey), but he just wants to eat. A house that's sort of clean is better than one that hasn't been cleaned at all. Folded laundry in the basket is just fine, and far preferable to a heap of clean, wrinkly clothes in the dryer. And from my post yesterday, sort of homemade brownies are better than no brownies!

I need to be more thankful for the ability to accept imperfection. It really is a blessing, when it happens. There's a lot more imperfection than perfection in parenting, so I guess I can say I'm really getting a crash course right now! Most of the time, I still catch myself dragging my feet when the task is even slightly optional and I feel like it won't be perfect, but then I try to picture what will happen should I leave it undone. I have this wonderful mental picture of a "laundry monster", made of clothes and towels, storming through our little house...yeah, I know we don't have that many clothes and towels, but this is wonderful mental motivation. Don't ruin it for me! I got all the laundry done (well, four loads washed and dried, some folded) based on this image. Haha.

This week, I'm also thoroughly thankful for:

1. Dan's new working from home arrangement. I admit, I was nervous. We're still a bit crowded, but it's working out really well so far. I love that we don't have to all be out of the house just after 7 every morning. I really, really love that he no longer has to be wearing a dress shirt, slacks, and a tie. And I really, really, really love getting to see him during the day. We also aren't leaving the house to pick him up right as I should be feeding the girls and starting dinner (see #2).

2. The freedom and creativity to try new recipes for dinner. This is saving us a ton of money, because we aren't tempted to get takeout or go out to eat, and we aren't bored either. I've had more time to make dinner now that I don't work full time, simply because I can take advantage of small chunks during the day when I'm home anyway.

3. Making it all the way through Mass IN the sanctuary on Sunday! We sat behind a friend who has an adorable 7 month old boy, and although our three kids weren't exactly quiet, they were all fascinated by each other. So adorable!! This particular parish (the one we'd attended up until the girls were born) shows all of the songs, etc., on a projector screen, so it is much more friendly to parents holding little kids, and there is more space within the sanctuary to sit with carseats, blankets, diaper bags, and still be able to slip out quickly if the need arises. Also, you are outside as soon as you leave, which is always a good thing for my girls when they are upset.

4. My wonderful, loving husband. I am really making an effort to look for the positive in his intent, as Moxie Wife mentioned in her anniversary post yesterday. It can be so easy to look at what I want in the moment and assume he is just out to selfishly squash my happiness. But it's my responsibility to be happy (hey, that was the whole idea behind TTT in the first place!) and coincidentally, he is happier when I'm happy too. So anytime I start to growl inwardly and find myself upset, I think about how lucky I am to be his wife, and how thankful I am for God's gift of him!

5. Getting to work part-time. I'm so thankful I don't have to work full time anymore. Sleep deprivation aside (which hasn't been too bad this week, see below) I miss my babies terribly while I'm at work and they're at home with Grandma or Daddy or at Grandma's house. I know they are happy, and the socialization is great, but I miss them. I really feel for the mamas that work full time and wish they were home with their babies.

6. Luckily, I do enjoy my job, and for this I am also thankful. While I do miss my baby girls, at least I am having fun, and I know it's a positive thing for all four of us that I am still working some.

7. Grandmas that love spending time with their granddaughters. I am so grateful for my mom and Dan's mom loving to watch Emily and Erin while I am at work. I know they are in good, safe hands and they are getting to know their grandmothers, which is a priceless gift. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

8. More sleep. We are starting to find a rhythm during the day and at night. I discovered, quite accidentally, that the girls really prefer to go to bed between 7 and 8, rather than later. They went to bed one night this week at 6:30! I assumed I'd be up around 3, but I was wrong. They do still wake up to eat (or I assume they are hungry, I'm not quite ready to assume otherwise, haha) between 2 and 5, and I feed them in the glider in their room and we all go back to bed. Then we get up between 5:30 and 7. I haven't truly slept all night since probably February of this year, so this once a night thing works for me. They are sleeping while they eat (dream feed, I guess this has a name!) so I'm not worried about their sleep getting interrupted for now. We'll inquire at their 4 month checkup.

9. Rolling over! My sweet, precious Emily is rolling all over the place now, and darling, precious Erin is not far behind her. This means I have to watch them extra closely, but it is so exciting to see her trying to crawl now when she's on her tummy! No more "tummy time" - she does it herself now, and did it for almost an hour yesterday!

10. Baby hair! Erin has enough hair for a little clip-in bow now. She looks so adorable, I can't get over it! Emily is not quite there yet, but that's what headbands are for :)

But enough about me. What are you thankful for this Thursday? Share below in the comments or link up your post here! I can't wait to read your lists!

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  1. This is such a great idea Sarah! I'll be out of town next week, but I'd love to join up with this in following weeks. Gratitude is such a good thing.