Sunday, September 23, 2012

A little recap

So it's been a while. Quite a while, in fact - more than two weeks. I know, I know. I said last time I was going to get better about blogging. Well, it hasn't happened. If you recall, I mentioned in my last post that I'd been staying up late to pack and get the apartment cleaned up. Was I really crazy enough to think I could run on 3-4 hours of sleep a night for any significant length of time and not suffer the consequences? You better believe it. Accordingly, I was shocked when I woke up one morning a few days after we moved with a sore throat. Before I knew it, all four of us were sick. Baby colds are so sad! Little snuffly noses and tiny coughs are so hard for a mama to hear. Luckily, thanks to breastfeeding-enhanced immunity, Emily and Erin got better within about four days. I got some practice taking temperatures and dosing Tylenol, and their little immune systems got a pre-cold season workout.

Dan and I, on the other hand, were some of the sickest we'd been in years. Dan still isn't feeling 100 percent, and I was sick for almost two weeks. I even had to call in sick to work one day - I sounded so terrible, the manager who took my call didn't know who he was talking to! Whatever we had was pretty contagious, and it's definitely made the rounds. I hope all of you out there are spared - germs travel fast these days - and if you do get sick, I hope you recover quickly!

So what else is new, you ask? Well, quite a lot, actually! We moved into our new house a little over two weeks ago, and we are starting to feel like we really live here now. I can't say enough about how nice it is to live on ground level again. We haven't done many of the projects that we'd planned to yet, but we will get there eventually. Being so sick for so long was a definite setback.

I also went back to work two weeks ago. It's going well so far. I like my schedule, and I've always liked my job. I was surprised at how much I remembered after being gone for 5+ months. I guess it's kind of like riding a bike after you've been doing it long enough. For the moment, I'm only working 3 days a week, and that seems to be working out well. I get 4 full days a week with Emily and Erin, and they get some time with both of their grandmas and some time with Dan while I'm working. It's going to be an adjustment - I am exhausted - but I think I will get used to it. Missing my girls is a different story. I'm making the most of all the time I have with them during the week. Now that we are all feeling better, we can go on some nice walks while the weather is still nice and spend time together that way. I don't really know what they think of that, but I certainly enjoy it! An added bonus is that the day always seems to go a little more smoothly when we've gotten out of the house. Any other mamas notice that, or is it just me?

Fall really showed up this week. It was right on schedule, with a sudden burst of cooler weather and chilly, foggy mornings. The pumpkin spice lattes may have beaten it to the punch, but nothing says fall like the trees' red and orange highlights from the crisp air, scented with plumes of wood smoke. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, and it's so much fun to anticipate everything through the lens of motherhood this year! I can't wait. What are you most looking forward to this fall?

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  1. New here! I had to laugh when I read about your sickness/moving craziness. Sounds like our cross-country move with the kids a few months ago, complete with the stomach flu! Prayers that you've all fully recovered by now! I'm looking forward to sprucing up/hanging my fall wreath, pumpkin EVERYTHING (thank you, Pinterest), and celebrating a soon-to-be one year old Halloween-style. Blessings!