Thursday, August 23, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Volume 13: Two Months

 Thanks to Jen for hosting!
--- 1 ---

First of all, I had to share this adorable picture of our little Emily. She and Erin love this duck my mom and dad bought for them! Right now, Ducky is almost as big as they are! 
Best pals for the moment: Emily and Ducky
We have two new little voices around our apartment now! Emily and Erin are two months old as of this past Sunday, and they are becoming more verbal every day. Emily coos more than Erin does, and sometimes she will try to make the same sound you do when you're talking to her. If you say "Emily" to her, she will make a gurgling coo that almost sounds right! It's really adorable. I've spent a fair amount of time this week doing that while playing with her or changing her diaper. Erin, on the other hand, shrieks or chirps rather than coos. I've heard a few coos, but her noises are more bird-like. Sometimes when we're not in our apartment, she will make a noise and I won't realize it's her right away!
Erin, loving her bath. I know I already shared this, but I can't get over this picture! 

--- 2 ---
I started off the week by taking the girls in for their two-month checkup. Read more about our day here.
--- 3 ---
August is almost over - next Saturday, it'll be September! This is especially significant in our home because 1) we are moving next weekend and 2) I will be returning to work. My maternity leave ends on September 11th. I know that everything will work out just fine, but I'm starting to feel very nervous about my transition from stay-at-home mama to working mama. As I said at the end of that post, any advice from working mamas is welcome! Let me know what works (and what doesn't work!)
--- 4 ---
I'm super excited about Duck football season starting soon! The first home game is September 1st against Arkansas State. I won't be going to that game, but I will get to go the next weekend. I can't wait! I love Autzen Stadium. It's insanely loud in there during games - like 127 decibels loud. Everyone loses their voice cheering, and my husband is no exception! Duck football is really important to Dan, something like the importance of water to a fish. I love going to games with him! If you aren't familiar, the Ducks are known for their flashy Nike uniforms. You can get a sneak peek here at this season's lineup!
--- 5 ---
The weather finally cooled off this week, and being outside is enjoyable once again. I'm really hoping that we will get back to the coast sometime before the rain really starts, but I don't know if it will happen soon with work starting for me and our move. I also want to take one last walk over to Prince Puckler's, a local ice cream shop in our neighborhood, before we move. I used to walk there with my parents as a little kid, so walking there with my own daughters would be pretty special. Of course, we'll go back when they're old enough to try the ice cream too!
--- 6 ---
I know I haven't blogged much about our move, but we're moving to a house! It's pretty exciting, since Dan and I have always lived in apartments. It will be so nice to be on the ground floor and have a garage. There are many aspects of taking Emily and Erin places that will be greatly simplified just by having a garage. I'll be sure to post some pictures once we get settled in! I may not post much over the next couple of weeks as we get everything packed up, moved, and unpacked, but I will do my best. This will be our third move in 14 months, so I'd like to think we're fairly experienced, but any moving advice is appreciated! Especially if you've transitioned from apartment living to a house, since we've never done that.
--- 7 ---
Finally, I wanted to share some really good news from this week - I won a blog redesign, a whole new website! I entered a giveaway over at Santa Clara Design last week, and I won! I'm super excited, and I will definitely keep you all updated. I think this is definitely God's way of saying I'm meant to take writing more seriously. I am going to try to post more regularly here (in all my spare time, ha!) so hold me to it! There's always something going on here to share - I am rarely lacking for words, I just need to put fingers to keyboard. As an aside, I've been very inspired lately by all the awesome blogs I follow - you ladies (and gentlemen!) are so talented.
I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! We'll spend most of ours packing, I'm sure, but we'll squeeze in some family fun too. What are your plans?
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  1. SO exciting about your move!!!! My only advice (since we moved this past January) would be to label the boxed with their intended destination included. I packed the boxes in a way that I was able to write things like, "TO TRENTON'S ROOM: EVERYDAY CLOTHES" or "TO KITCHEN: SILVERWARE, ETC" -- it really helped since I wasn't the one unloading the contents of the truck. I was tending the wee one. ; ) If you need help moving, you let us know!

  2. And if you have others helping you unload boxes from the truck, go in ahead of time with some paper and tape, and label the rooms with their intended use to coordinate with the boxes. For example, a sheet of paper with "OFFICE" on it taped to the door frame of the office. You have an idea of the layout, but friends and family helping may have no clue. Coordinating the rooms with visuals made coordination of the people that much easier! I also had us load up the truck by room as much as possible too, making unloading a snap.

  3. Oh, I also had the boxes pre-sorted by room prior to loading. I think by having the boxes labeled by room, sorted by room, then loading and unloading by room, the last move was our smoothest yet. With 4 guys, we had our entire 1,000 sq. Ft. Apartment loaded up, moved across town and unloaded in all appropriate spots in under 3 hours. Our plan was to take everyone out to lunch for helping, but they all got to go back home and fit in a shower and some leisure time before lunch places were even open!

  4. I think the transition from apt to house is easy because it feels so much more homey and there is generally more room! We don't have a garage on our house (they really drive up the cost of houses here), so the difficult part for us was what to do with outdoor storage type things like lawn tools that we never had to have in an apt. We're going to have a shed built, eventually. I can't wait to see pictures of the new place!

  5. Can I just tell you how absolutely adorable your girls are?? Seriously, they are so cute, Sarah! (but I know you already know that! haha) Congrats on the house! And winning the blog design! And on 2 month olds! :) So much fun<3
    Happy Friday!

  6. Similar to others comments, what we did was color-code all the boxes. Red for kitchen, blue for bedroom (numbered 1, 2, and 3), green for living room, etc. I bought those dot stickers from the dollar store that came in green, yellow, blue, red, etc. and each box got a dot on every side/face. Then when we got to our new place the first thing I did was run around putting construction paper of the colors where they belonged. (So a piece of red in the kitchen, blue on the bedroom doors with numbers, etc.) It worked SO well getting things to where they belonged!

  7. That picture is soooooo cute with the ducky!!!