Friday, July 6, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Volume 8: Two Weeks Old

Well, it's still Friday here in our neck of the woods, so here goes! Thanks to Jen for hosting!

--- 1 ---

First off, the important stuff. We had three doctor's appointments this week: a two-week followup visit for me, a two-week checkup for the girls, and another visit to the lactation consultant. I'm healing well, and my doctor is pleased with my progress. She is also not alarmed by my weight loss, which is a relief. It's challenging to find time to eat enough to feed three people once all three are breathing air! The girls are gaining weight like crazy, especially Erin. At birth, Emily weighed 7 lbs 2 oz and Erin weighed 6 lbs 2 oz. Both of them lost a few ounces right after birth, but when we went in yesterday, Emily was up to 7 lbs 3 oz and Erin weighed 6 lbs 11 oz! She's catching up fast! Both girls did well on the tandem feeding pillow for the lactation consultant, although recreating this at home is difficult to say the least. It might be a while before this is my preferred method of feeding - pumping may be time-consuming, but bottles of milk are easier to coordinate for sure!

--- 2 ---

We're getting used to being at home now, after two weeks. We've ventured out a bit more this week, and even took the girls to the grocery store (with the pediatrician's permission)! Let me say that grocery shopping is a lot harder than I remembered (it's been probably 10 weeks), especially the cart pushing part.

--- 3 ---

Everything we've read and heard about twins says that your life will be easier if you make them eat at the same time, but so far this is easier said than done. If they aren't hungry, they just eat a little and wake up again when they are more hungry. This is fine during the day, but a little frustrating at night.

--- 4 ---

I've had a chance to bond more with each girl individually since we've been home, which is so wonderful. I love cuddling with them on my chest or snuggling side by side, and they seem to love it too. One downfall of the C-section and my extended recovery in the hospital was not being able to do this right away. I have to keep reminding myself that they don't know the difference.

--- 5 ---

We're getting to know each girl's personality better as the days go by. Emily is certainly the most vocal, while Erin tends to be quieter but keeps up a constant chatter of sorts. Emily seems to think it's her job to do all the crying for both of them, and if it's been a few minutes and she hasn't been successful in getting what she wants, Erin will chime in but much more quietly. Erin is what our pediatrician calls "a noisy baby", however, since she hums and murmurs constantly. It will be interesting to see how this develops as they get older.

--- 6 ---

As of right now, neither one seems very aware that she has a twin. We put them in their Boppy together today and both of them flailed around and hit each other (gently) a few times until we took Erin out. They do seem aware of us, and both girls will follow my voice if I'm around but someone else is holding them. I'm excited to see how they react once they are more aware of each other.

--- 7 ---

Every time I cuddle up with both of them, I can't help but be amazed that they were both in my belly just a little over two weeks ago!

Every day brings something new, and even though I'm not posting very regularly right now, I'm so excited to share it with you all! Thanks for reading - check back soon for another update!

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  1. Love your twin updates! It fascinates me too when I see pregnant women and then see their baby a few weeks later. It's like "oh my goodness, they fit in there!?"... I know pregnancy is SO common, but that doesn't stop it from being a miracle every time!

    1. Thanks, Stacy! I really want to try posing them on my belly to see if we can get them to look like they fit-maybe when they're sleeping!

  2. I love reading about your sweet twins! Having them cuddle up on your chest seems so perfect! :)

    1. Thank you, Caitlin! It's the best :)

  3. Thanks for linking up at the GFC Blog Hop today!!