Friday, July 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Volume 10: One Month Plus

Thanks to Jen for hosting! This is my second attempt at Volume 10 of my Quick Takes. I have to admit, I started writing them on Tuesday last week, much earlier than normal, and . . . I still didn't get past #5. We were busy. And that's just fine. As a new mom with twins, blogging even once a week is a big accomplishment in my mind. I'll definitely keep trying, because I enjoy writing and I want to have these memories recorded for us later on and for our family and friends now, but sometimes it won't

--- 1 ---
Emily and Erin are one month old now! This meant that I got to flip ahead another chapter in What to Expect: The First Year. It's funny how I don't always notice things that they're doing as big achievements until I find them as "new skills" in there. For example, I'd noticed both of the girls were making an "eh, eh" sound when they were hungry, prior to crying and wailing to let us know they wanted food. I was relieved to figure out this meant they were hungry, but I assumed I'd just missed them doing this before. When I read the summary of new skills for a one-month-old, saying "ah" or "ooh" was on the list. It took me a few hours to make the connection (we'll blame sleep deprivation here) but I was so excited when I figured it out! Both girls are getting stronger, and getting better at lifting their heads. Neither one of them is too excited about tummy time (okay, they cry straight through), so we don't do it every day yet, but they do work on lifting their heads when we hold them upright to our shoulders.
Erin, investigating our TV cabinet

Emily, curled up for a nap in her Boppy pillow

--- 2 ---
Inspired by some posts I'd seen on other mommies' blogs, I wrote a summer bucket list for our family. In my new sleep-deprived fog, I love the idea of having all of these ideas and goals in one place where I can remember them. Dan wasn't home, so I wasn't able to get his input, but I'm sure he'll agree with most of them. So far, we have gone to the coast as a family, I've made something (two things, actually!) from Pinterest, and I finished a 7-day Bible study on parenting on my phone (using this Bible app, which I highly recommend! Did I mention it's free?). What's on your summer bucket list?
--- 3 ---
I finished a Pinterest project! I got this idea from Caitlin's blog, and I absolutely loved it. It is a picture frame, with the glass left on, which makes it function as a dry erase board. How awesome is that? I made it for Dan as a gift for our 4th anniversary. He really liked it, and we're planning to hang it either in our bedroom or somewhere else in our apartment so we can write notes to each other. Caitlin mentions making similar frames for their children, and I think it's a great idea!

--- 4 ---
I said above that I made two things from Pinterest, and the second one was DIY jewelry cleaner. I tried it first on my wedding ring, and I have to say, based on the reviews, I was a little disappointed. My ring definitely looked cleaner, but not nearly as nice as when I take it to the jewelry store and they clean it. I should say, I'd finally pried my ring off after about 5 months of it being stuck firmly on my swollen finger, so it probably was excessively dirty. I think I will need to take it in and get it professionally cleaned - they're always happy to clean it for me, I just need to a) actually get out to the mall and b) be able to slide my ring off when I'm there. Perhaps I should add that one to the bucket list . . .
Back to the jewelry cleaner. I gave it another chance, this time on my diamond stud earrings that Dan got me a few years ago. Now I can see what the reviews meant! My earrings sparkled like never before. I'll definitely make this again! (I should have taken before and after pictures . . . I just didn't think of it. Sorry.)
--- 5 ---
Since Erin and Emily were born, I've been wondering exactly when I'd feel more like a grownup. You can read my post on that here. Based on the comments I've gotten on this, both on here and on Facebook, I'm not the only one who feels this way. What do you think?
This sums up my conundrum pretty well :)

--- 6 ---
Sleep deprivation is really starting to catch up with me. I notice this more when I'm out and about, doing things I used to do on a full night's sleep (like carry on a conversation with another adult). Sometimes I can't even string together a coherent sentence. And yet, when I'm at home with Emily and Erin during the day, it just feels normal - I've always been tired! I am still so grateful for my morning burst of energy. I thank God every day for giving me this day with my daughters, and I really do feel lucky. No matter how tired I am, I look forward to drinking a cup of coffee and doing my best to take care of them for another day.
--- 7 ---
I'm starting to think about dressing for my new role as a mommy, particularly at church. Obviously, clothes have nothing to do with why we're attending Mass, but I do think it's important to dress respectfully. That being said . . . I don't do a very good job. Yes, I do wear nicer clothes than other days, but I generally wear jeans and sometimes even a sweatshirt. Our neck of the woods is pretty casual, so you can get away with this (as I've mentioned before) but I want to set a better example for Emily and Erin. I also think we'll be a little less invisible when we're out with them (okay, a LOT less invisible) so I want to make sure we make a good impression as a family. In order to do this, I think I need to get some new church clothes. I need your help, dear readers. Where can I find knee-length or just above the knee-length skirts in small sizes? I'd like to find something patterned, so I can get two tops to make different outfits without spending a lot of money. Anyone have any ideas? I think I need to follow some fashion-on-a-budget blogs, though I can't say I care for a lot of styles at the moment, particularly the tucked-in shirt with high-waisted miniskirt look. I think a shirt that comes past your natural waist over your skirt and a longer skirt are much more flattering. Ladies, I'm open to  your input: what do you wear to church? Any suggestions for places to find good deals on church-appropriate clothes?
Thanks for reading! 
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  1. I would check out target or even thrift stores for skirts. I used to wear jeans too and always said that it didn't matter, because Jesus just cared that I was there, not what I was wearing. Then I realized that if I was invited to a banquet anywhere else, I would wear a dress/dress pants... so it was ridiculous for me to go to the Banquet of Banquets and not dress that way! It's still hard as we both loooove our jeans lol. And I need to go find some skirts too because I've been wearing about the same 3 dresses every week.

    1. Stacy, that's exactly what I tell myself, that it's being there, not being dressed up :/ ironically, I think I would dress more carefully when I was still pregnant because I specifically bought maternity dress slacks (I thought a skirt would look funny, lol). Then, towards the end, I figured anything that covered my ginormous belly was probably fair game. You are so right about being invited to any other banquet and taking the time to dress up. It is possible, so I just need to make it happen.
      I will have to check Target - we have to go there today anyway, so it'll be easy. I love thrifting, but I don't know how practical it is with the girls, so I'd have to have someone watch them :) I'll let you know if I find one!

  2. I can't believe they are already one month old!! I have definitely seen knee length skirts at Target and I may have seen some at Old Navy. Good luck!

    I think I already told you, but I love how your frame turned out! So cute!! :)

    1. Oh and if you go to look at Old Navy, make sure you sign up on their website to get coupons emailed to you. They send them out all the time.

    2. Thank you, Caitlin! I will have to check Target and Old Navy too. I did some looking online but hard to tell if something would be knee-length on there :) I think I already get the coupons but I will check and make sure! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. What about sewing skirts? I mean, right now you don't have the time but you probably will find more time in the future for such things. Or, if you know someone well who sews, maybe a friend will make some skirts for you? I'd offer to but it's best if they can be fitted before finishing them. That would be rather difficult from WA. ;)

    1. That's a good idea, Amanda! I think that might work best, because I could pick my own fabric and make sure it fit. I could even make it to fit now and later when I'm back to my fighting shape haha :)
      Hmmm. . . it'd be a good excuse for a trip to WA! Not that I really need an excuse to visit you, haha. I hope you and the family are doing well!

  4. Oh my gosh twins - eek!! Props to you! I bet it gets hard! Newest follower from the hop!

  5. awww i love the idea of finding new clothes for church to make an impression on your sweet new daughters... congrats by the way. i am stopping by from the blog hop!! how precious...TWINS!!