Thursday, November 15, 2012

7 Quick Takes, Vol. 22: Teeth, sleep, and other such things

--- 1 ---
As you may have gathered from the title, Emily has her first tooth! Well, it's just poking through the surface, but it's definitely there. She is much happier now that it's finally showing. I can relate. It's just like pregnancy - you feel so much better by the time you finally start showing!
--- 2 ---
As a result of the teething, we haven't gotten a whole lot of sleep this week. I'm not sure the teething is entirely to blame, however, since Dan and I haven't done such a good job of making sure that we keep a consistent routine in the evenings. We really need to work on this if we ever want to be less tired, I'm thinking!
--- 3 ---
One year ago yesterday, we saw our baby girls for the very first time! On the screen, they looked like fuzzy gray gummy bears. I wrote a retrospective on our experience here.
--- 4 ---
Thanksgiving is next week, which means it's naturally time to start thinking about Christmas presents. Hey, they may not be the reason for the season, but they certainly have a way of making it hard to remember the reason when it comes to the last minute! My strategy this year is to make a list of what I'm making, a list of what to buy, and a list of when to get it done. As soon as it's ready, I'll snap a picture and wrap it up. We'll see how that goes in reality, but it sure sounds nice in theory, doesn't it?
--- 5 ---
Speaking of presents, I'm thinking Pinterest will either make or break this year. And by this, I mean there are so many fabulous ideas to choose from that I might still be trying to choose my favorites on December 20th. So many fabulous ideas...
I really need to start setting a timer when I get on Pinterest. Just sayin'.
Speaking of Pinterest - did you know there's a search function? Obviously I didn't, because I wouldn't be blogging about it otherwise. Finally, I understand how people actually use the site to find what they were looking for, instead of sifting through pages upon pages of cute outfits and witty quotes juxtaposed with smiling midcentury housewives.
--- 6 ---
Emily and Erin will be 5 months old on Monday! Can you believe it? I sure can't! I can't believe how big they are getting...
Erin (L) and Emily (R), about 4 weeks old

Emily (L) and Erin (R), 21.5 weeks old

--- 7 ---
My baby girls are so adorable. Did I mention I love, love, love them? Here they are chatting with each other while I eat my cereal and drink my coffee:
That's all for this week - I hope you all have a fun and fantastic weekend!

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  1. I am loving, loving, loving the chubby cheeks!

  2. Oh, so cute!! Aren't twins so much fun!? I remember the first time we saw our twins on ultrasound. Wow, I was in shock! Hope the bedtime routines get better. Keep working on it, it's totally worth it. Ours are great about going to bed now (17 months old).

  3. I second the chubby cheek love!

  4. They are so cute! And I can't believe how fast they're growing!