Saturday, June 2, 2012

7 Quick Takes: Volume 4

Thanks to Jen for hosting! I'm a day late to the party this week, and I apologize. See below for my ummm . . . possibly acceptable excuse:

--- 1 ---

I had high hopes for getting these written on Thursday, but it was 89 degrees and very humid. Miserable weather for a pregnant one. Same with Friday. When it finally started to rain last night, I was one happy girl. We had all our windows open (well, all the ones that open) as well as our patio door, and left them open all night. So please, forgive me for the fact that it's Saturday. Today was much better, so I got some writing done! I know it's June, but the rain can hang around for a few days as far as I'm concerned. It's Oregon. That's what it does here :)

--- 2 ---

We really look like parents now! Our backseat is sporting - you guessed it - two very cute, securely fastened baby car-seats. How do we know they're securely fastened, you ask? Well, this morning we went and had them inspected by the police department at their annual child safety seat check. The inspector spent almost an hour showing us how to install the seats correctly, how to install a baby (well, a baby doll) in the seat correctly, and how to adjust every feature on the seat so it could be used safely for a variety of purposes. If you have kids or are expecting a baby, I strongly recommend seeing if there is an event like this in your area! Here we have one each month through the fire department and one yearly through the police department.

--- 3 ---

Remembering the original intent of my blog, I spent some time this week polishing up a journal entry which covers the first trimester of my pregnancy. Check it out! I had fun remembering all the details and I'm definitely planning to finish the last two entries ASAP! I don't know how much more of these leisurely, relaxing days I'm going to have . . .

--- 4 ---

Speaking of finishing things ASAP, I'm feeling the push to have everything clean and organized and ready for our baby girls! The weather this week definitely squashed any energy I had to actually do much with the push, but now that it's cooler, the doctor did say I was okay to be even a little bit more active. Yesterday was Friday, June 1st. I've had that day circled in my mind for most of my pregnancy, ever since we found out we were having twins and they are (on average) born at 36 weeks. Well, we made it! As of right this minute, there have been a few signs that they might be thinking about coming out soon, but nothing very definitive. If they have tomorrow in mind as their birthday, they can share it with their lovely Aunt Sarah. If they wait until Monday, they can share with their daddy! Maybe they'll wait until Tuesday to have it all to themselves . . . who knows!

--- 5 ---

I've read a lot of parenting books while I've been pregnant. Considering I've been home for most of my third trimester and on bed rest in some form for a total of 9 weeks during my pregnancy, I'm surprised I didn't read more. Most of them have focused on the aspects of parenting that most interested me: raising twins and being a greener parent. I started reading one this week, however, that doesn't really deal with either so far. It's called Bringing Up Bebe: The Wisdom of French Parenting, written by Pamela Druckerman. I heard about it on NPR a few months back and liked the premise. So far, I really like what I've read of it. The author is American and lives in Paris, and wrote about her observations of French parents as she raised her daughters. When she had questions about their methods, she went to the experts. I love the idea that parents can be authority figures in their kids' lives, and I'm excited to try some of the things she talks about! It's a really fast read so far, and pretty funny.

--- 6 ---

In the spirit of not having all the time in the world to get ready anymore, I'm trying to speed up my morning routine. I can usually shower, get dressed, do makeup and dry my hair in about 20 minutes, which might be as fast as it gets. Anybody got any good suggestions?

--- 7 ---

Last but not least, I'm so proud of Dan and how wonderful a dad he's going to be. It's been wonderful seeing him read the parenting books I've read, taking parenting and childbirth classes with me, and preparing for the next stage of this journey together. I thank God every day for bringing us together - I love you, babe!

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  1. 2 - That is really cool. I know some people have said the hospital will help you to make sure the carseats are in right before you leave.

    6 - That is my biggest fear when I have kids not getting up with enough time to get myself and my kids ready. I'm pretty fast but man I AM NOT a morning person! But man I think you're faster than I am!

  2. Congratulations on reaching 36 weeks!

    Morning routine suggestions: if you're not going out of the house early in the day, your morning routine can wait until nap time. Also, showers probably won't happen daily for a little while. Sleep is a lot more valuable (to a point, obviously. Would be really gross to go many days without).

    I'm glad to hear you liked 'Bringing up Bebe'. I've heard of it and wondered if it is any good. I also like the premise. I'll have to check it out!

    Do you think you have all the baby stuff you'll want and need now?

  3. I'm excited for the debut of the girls - and I barely even know you!! Can't wait for the announcement on #cathsorority! :D